Students presented a new issue of the comic “Project 47”

On May 3, in the library of Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Aktau, a presentation of the comic “Project 47” was held, which was released by students of the club “Academic Drawing”. At the presentation the authors told the guests about the history of the creation and the purposes of the project, offered the first and second issues of the magazine.

Students of grade 9 have been participated in the work of the club “Academic drawing” since November 2016. Children learn fine art, develop their creative abilities. During the lessons of the club they came with the idea to draw comic books by themselves.

– When we came to the club, we talked a lot about friends who like to discuss comic books and manga. And we came up with the idea “Why not to draw comics about your friends by yourself?”. We came up with a comic story. Our talented artist Diana Akual has drawn pictures. Our head Azamat Tokenovich, members of the club Amin Abil, Amina Allen and Diana Bulatbekova helped to draw a design on the computer, – said one of the authors of the project, Alibek Zhanaev.

According to the head of the club Azamat Tuitin, he did not expect that the interest in drawing children will be so great. The head is confident that this project will help them develop their creative abilities, as well as develop critical thinking.

– The comic tells about the relationship of students with psychologists, curators, friends and classmates. At the moment we have released two numbers in Russian. In the future we plan to release comics in Kazakh. But first, we wanted to know the opinions of our readers and friends, – says the curator of the project.

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