Communication with parents strengthened!

On the eve of the national holidays dedicated to the national traditions and customs of the nation, organized by the dormitory staff and sponsored by parents, an event called “Amal Holiday – the sources of good” was held. The event was attended by parents, students, staff and guests of the dormitory, who congratulated them on the winter holiday.
During the event, all parents showed their impressions of the Handshake Day, showed their art, studied the level of knowledge and provided information about national costumes and national cuisine. Parents of three villages, from six groups, called Tole bi, Kazybek bi and Aiteke bi, covered a large table for the Amal festival, with various treats, such as kazy-kartа, beshbarmak, nauryz-kozhe, cottage cheese, offered dishes of national kitchen and acquainted with their preparation. In each group, parents took an active part at all stages, but students from the 7th grades of our school showed high results and were worthy of the best reward. Talented parents sang songs, active fathers showed their skills in armwrestling, thereby decorating the holiday.

This event was one of the most important events, which strengthened the patriotic feelings of the motherland, strengthened the bonds of the Trinity among parents, students and the dormitory, embraced our national values together with young intellectuals.