Club of the Funny and Inventive People of INTELLECTUALS

On February 28 desire of our many pupils was granted. Thanks to an initiative of a samupravleniye of school in Friday evening for the first time for all history of school there passed KVN of pupils.

At a competition of jokes 5 national teams from shanyrak participated. “RAKAMAKAFO”, “HOMO SAPIENS”, “AMBASSADOR”, “M әң гілік a ziyatkerler” and “5-302” joked about school life, a routine and also about the izvetnykh teachers of school. On a competition cheerful the victory was won by the Ambassador team. And “Homo Sapiens” got the second place. The third place the young team of semikalassnik “5-302” deserved, having caused a stir in a game of one subject.


– It is trial KFIP for assessment of participants. From now on according to the offer of sets, we will carry out more often. How often we will discuss with school administration, – the president of a school samupravleniye of “Shabyt”, Rauan Ibrahim noted.