Aktau Nazarbayev Intellectual school has methodical association of teachers of physical culture and Military training. 8 teachers work as a part of association. Manager of association is T. Temeshev

Physical education classes are conducted in high level in the school. All conditions were created for students to go in for sport. There are sports, training and gymnastic halls at school. Volleyball, basketball and football tournaments are held in the big gym. It is equipped with 150 folding seats for the audience. The electronic board for demonstration was established. The gym is equipped according to modern requirements. Also, 4 wardrobe with cases and shower rooms are available. For students there is a bicycle park consisting of 25 sports bicycles. There are 4 fenced sports grounds in the yard of school. The area of the tennis court is 23 x 10 m, basketball – 29 x 17 m, volleyball 25 x 16 m, mixed (basketball, volleyball) – 33 x 20, the football field – 56 x 23, racetrack length – the 240th meters. Students do physical exercises on athletic fields in their free time.

        7 sports clubs work in the school, such as: a table tennis, a soccer,  a volleyball (for boys and girls),  a judo,  a basketball, a togyzkumalak, a chess.

  1. The table tennis club is visited by 12 students, games are held on every Wednesday and Saturday from 15:35 to 17:05 p.m. The club master is Temeshev T. T. Members of the club took part on regional tournaments and achieved the following results: Kulyntay Nurzhas took the 2nd place as an individual player in the regional table tennis competition among students of comprehensive schools which was devoted to the 8th of March International Women`s Day, Baktybayev Serzhan and Akbergen Abyz took the 2nd  place in pair competition, Baktybayev Serzhan, Akbergen Abyz, Ismagulova Camilla and Abugaliyeva Symbat took the 2nd place as a team. And also, there was a network sports contest which was held by NIS Atyrau on table tennis and  the teacher of physical culture Kaukeev A. K. took the 3rd

  2. The number of members of a football club is 18, classes of the club are on Mondays and Fridays from 15:35 to 17:05 p.m. The club master is Kudabayev B. N. There are various intra school competitions such as  football match for the Director’s cup. Teachers compete with each other every Thursday and Saturday.

  3. The number of members of a basketball club is 14, classes of a club are every Wednesday from 15:35 to 17:05 p.m. The head of a club is Toleuov A. M. The school team took the 1st place in a friendly competition among students in the Public school № 5 of Munayli district of Mangystau Region.

  4. 13 girls and 15 boys are the members of a volleyball club. The masters of the club are Kaukeev A. K. and Makhmetova V. K. Classes are every Saturday from 15:35 to 17:05 p.m. Volleyball competitions between grades and shanyraks are held. And also, every Thursday games are held among teachers every Thursday, and in order to establish a close cooperation with parents friendly matches are held between teams of teachers and parents.

  5. The judo club consists of 14 members. The club master is Arystanov A. S. Classes of the club are every Wednesday and Saturday from 15:35 to 17:05 p.m. In 2016 the member of a judo club Shansharov Mirlanbek won the rank of the first fighter of school(Tuye Paluan) in a competition of national kazakh fight in honor of the holiday Nowruz

  6. 12 students attend a togyzkumalak game club. The master is Ramazanov G. A. Classes are every Monday and Friday from 15:35 to 17:05 p.m. Our students Askar Galamaddin and Amangelda Nuray participated in a network sports contest, which was in Ust-Kamenogorsk from 20 to 22 of December in 2016. Members of the  club Askar Galammadin, Amangeldi Nuray, Aytzhan Amantay, Dzhansatov Armand, Dauit Aruzhan, Musayeva Azhar actively participated in intra school competitions. And also,   A. Ramazanov has taken the 2nd  place in the tournament among teachers of NIS which was on 28th of October in  2016 in the city of Kostanay.

  7. 13 students are the members of chess club, classes are every Wednesday and Friday from 15:00 to 17:00 p.m. The master is Orakov A. B. The members of the club participated in the city and regional competitions. The members of our club Ilekerov Beybarys, Nurkamal Alikhan, Korpebayeva Venus, Bekes Elmira, Kydyrgozhayeva Zhadyra, Sarsenbekula Daniar participated in a traditional chess tournament among students of NIS schools in Kyzylorda and also, Radzhapov Islom, Sugurov Hamza, Ilekerov Beybarys, Nurkamal Alikhan, Korpebayeva Venus, Bekes Elmira, Zhadyra Kydyrkozhayeva and others participated in the competitions of the city and region successfully.