Hall of Fame

Mustafa Bekzat

To be a famous person in Kazakhstan

The I place in the international singing competition named after Kauken Kenzhetaev and Shabal Beisekova


Shansharbayeva Venera

To be the citizen who waves the national flag up in the sky

The III place in “Zerde” republic contest

Project coordinator: Aitan Aigul


Akbergen Abyz

To be a respectful lawyer in Kazakhstan

The II place in regional tennis competition

Playing tennis and football

Talgatuly Sagynbek

I want to graduate from school with success and wish my dreams come true

-the 3rd place in the Final Stage of IX Republic Mathematical Olympiad named after L. Euler, NUEVA SCHOOL

– Regional Olympiad on Robotics, WRO 2016, the 2nd place

– Regional Olympiad on Robotics, WRO 2017, the 1st place

Do sports, play the dombyra, Reading books

Sagyzbayev Amirbek

To be highly qualified specialist in Engineering and Biochemistry

The Second place in Chemistry in the NIS Network subject olympaid in Almaty. III degree diploma in «The Kulager of the wide Steppe» republic creative competition, Aktobe 2016.

Reading different kinds of books, playing football

Zhumasatova Shugyla

I want to be a honorable journalist of Kazakhstan.

The third place in the republic reading competition named after M. Makataev in Almaty.Participation in «Ideas to change the world» conference in Astana.

Reading books, playing the dombyra, dancing

Aida Zinyrkyzy

To be an expert architect, travel around the world.

-2 degree Diploma in math (VI Nauryz meetings)

-Mathematics and Projecting x International Competition(certificate)

-Mathematics and Projecting x International Competition(diplom of 3 place) in the nomination “Mathematics univerce”

Drawing, dancing, handcraft

Asel Sarsenbek

To be highly qualified specialist and make my parents proud

-the 2nd place in the Republic IV Nauryz meetings held on STEM – ‘Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics’, 22-24 March, 2016


Rakhim Sultangali

Travel around the world

II place in physics among NIS’ students’ scientific projects (Almaty, 2016)

Project coordinators: Khamitova Lizaveta Bisenovna, Ayten Aigul Lesovna

The winner of the Grand Prize on “The Caspian Star” regional contest (nomination for playing the Dombyra) (Aktau, 2017)

Play the dombyra and the guitar

Akual Dana

Justify the hopes of my parents and became the Altyn belgy student. Become a professional in my business and travel around the world. Leave a sign in history.

-School subject Olympiad  Russian – 3 and 1 seats;

– Network subject Olympiad Russian – 3 places;

– Certificate of Education in the US Besant Hill school;

– School photo contest; Grand prix;

– School photo-hunting 3 place;

– Certificate of school competition Spelling bee;

– The best speaker in the debate on the eco-theme;

– The best school speaker on the topic of the USSR;

– 2 place in the competition of translators;

– For a great game on volleyball school competitions;

– Soloist of school ensemble of dance “Keremet”;

– Organizer of the welfare project Росток добра:

– The volunteer of project Clean Coast and Creative Eco;

Read books, To play football, Debate, Photo and video editing:

Askar Galammadin

My dream is to be a part the world’s technological progress and go down in history.

-the 3rd place on the NIS Olympiad,  NUEVA SCHOOL

– Regional Olympiad on Robotics, WRO 2016, 2nd place

– Regional Olympiad on Robotics, WRO 2017, 1st place

Do sports, listening to music

Sagynbay Tomiris

To make a boost in technology in Kazakhstan

–  the 1st place in the NIS Olympiad  2015-2016

– Republic Olympiad Participant

– the 3rd  place in the NIS Olympiad  2016-2017

– High School Fast-Paced Physics Courses, CTY, Franklin and Marshall College, John Hopkins University, Lancaster, PA, the USA, 2016, Hong Kong Polytechnic University grant owner


Sattigaly Zholdasbay

To increase the science and technology level of our country.

– the 3rd place in the Republic VII Nauryz meetings held on the topic ‘Endless Secrets of Science’, 19-20 March, 2017

Project coordinator: Mukhammed Bakhytzhan Abdullauly

– Participation in the Reporting Exhibition of Scientific Projects of NIS Students, Astana, 2017

– Hong Kong Polytechnic University Grant Holder

-STEM Summer Camp Program 2016 for NIS Kazakhstan students (Biology and Chemistry Track) at the University of Nottingham in Malaysia Campus

– Regional Olympiad of Robotics, WRO 2016, 2nd place

Sports, reading, drawing

Ignatov Rodion

Create a computer game

The 1st place on the regional Olympiad on robotics WRO-2016

Taking photos of the nature

Sideshov Yesset

To be one of the main Specialists of NC «Kazmunaigaz» company.

The first place in regional Olympiad on robotics WRO-2016

– the 3rd  place in the Republic VII Nauryz meetings held on the topic ‘Endless Secrets of Science’, 19-20 March, 2017

Project coordinator: Mohammed Bakytjan Abdulali

II international Olympiad оn English. language ‘English skills’, 1st place

Doing sports in my spare time. I`d like to play on the piano and play on the saxophone. Reading books of great kazakh writers.

Zhumakhan Arman

To be an expert in engineering and contribute for the future of Kazakhstan

– II degree diploma in physics at the NIS Olympiad 2016.

– A bronze medal of the Republic Olympiad in Physics. 2016.

-1st place at the regional olympiad on

Robotics WRO-2016.

– II degree Diploma in physics at the NIS subject Olympiad. 2017

-Silver medal in Physics at the Republic Olympiad.

-1st place in the regional olympiad on

Robotics WRO-2016-2017.

Reading books, playing football, horse riding, playing computer games.

Akmaral Abil

To be a qualified doctor!

3rd place in NIS Olympiad among student.

3rd place in chemistry and 2-3 places in biology in “Foxford” Olympiad

1st place in linguistic Olympiad in 2nd section and 3rd place in 1st section

Participant of “Creative ECOfest”

Leader of “Sprout of kindness”

Reading books, singing, listening to music.

Bisen Aidana

Be one of the best engineers in the world, invent new technology, open a fashion company

1st place in 8th Eiler Olympiad among NIS students (math)

3rd place on the «the best essay» school competition

Participant of project Design Thinking workshop at The Nueva School in USA

Nominated as «Master of needlework »

Participant of school self-management policy

2nd -3rd  places for Republic competition in Astana (art)

2nd  place at Republic internet competition

Solving hard problems, sewing, cooking, voluntary work, volleyball

Baktybai Medeu

to become an employee who loves his job.

1st place in «Zerde» Republic competition

Project coordinator: Dautalieva Sanya Aibilatovna

Participant of «If I became a President» best ideas exhibition

ІІІ place in table tennis.

To play a football and table tennis.

Dzholaman Gulnaz

I will be a famous dancer.

1st place in «Zerde» Republic competition

Project coordinator: Dautalieva Sanya Aibilatovna

Nominations: «Korkem soz»,

«Oner aldy kyzyl til» .

I like dancing and playing the piano.

Nurzhas Kuluntai

To be highly valuable citizen for the country

1st place in the regional competition of technical creativity and invention. (air model) 2nd place in regional competition in table tennis at the single player game. 2nd place in regional competition in table tennis dual.

table tennis

Baiturova Enlik

To be highly qualified specialist in the field of medicine

The winner of the Republic Olympiad on electronic journalism 2nd place Almaty 2016 School Olympiad: Russian language 2nd place, Biology 2nd place

Playing the piano and the violin. To write stories.

Kuvanova Altynai

To develop a gender policy.

Presenting research project, Almaty among the students of Nazarbayev Intellectual schools. 3rd place School Olympiad: Russian language: 1 place – grade 11 Russian language 1st place – 12th grade Project coordinator: Ramazanova Aidana

Reading books

Bizhanova Moldir Salamatkyzy

Be happy and share this happiness with others;

Be an expert who will ensure  new changes in the sphere of medicine;

Be a citizen who will bring incredible benefits to country and justify parents’ hopes.

The Republic project work for secondary schools in section “Protection of the environment and health care” school section 1st place

II place International Olympiad “English skills” I place

President Olympiad II place(physics, math, chemistry, biology)

Public schools competition on Russian language 2nd place



IELTS  7.0

Handcrafting (diadems, bracelets, necklaces)

Reading books and mangas

Ease off next to sea

Rakhymzhan Aimaganbetov

Engage in development of information industry of our country.

The 2nd place in Regional Robotics;

International «Informatrix – 2017» – Gold medal winner

Project coordinator: Kaziyev Alkuat

Doing sports, reading books, listening to music