Since September, 2016-2017 academic year “Robotics” club works in Aktau Nazarbayev Intellectual school of chemisrty and biology. The club purpose – to acquaint pupils with opportunities of new technologies, to teach students constructing and programming robots. Members of a club learn to work on two suitable platforms the Lego- Mindstorm NXT EV3 platform and Arduino.

In July, 2016 teachers of informatics of our school organized and conducted two-week advanced training courses on robotic technology for 114 colleagues from pulic schools of Mangystau Region.

The program of course is developed in the context of the pedagogical innovations implemented in the Kazakhstan education system.

On elective course “Robotic technology” teachers got acquainted with Legomindstorms EV3 and NXT Education, and also with elements of programming and constructioning robots.

Every year in NIS the regional tour of “World Robot Olimpiad” competition is organized. In 2016 six pupils (3 commands) won against regional competitions and protected honor of Mangystau at the republican Olympic Games.

At the VII March meetings which took place on March 19-20 at NIS Shymkent among students Nazarbayev Intellectual schools, 5 young scientists from Aktau provided scientific projects. 3 students – Nurlan Aldabergenov, Eset Sideshov and Sattigali Zholdasbay took honourable ІІІ the places. The author of the Smart Skullcap project Sattigali Zholdasbay was honored to participate in opening of the traditional March meeting.

At school the  “Robotics” courses based on the principles of STEAM are permanently conducted: S-science (natural sciences), T – technology, E – engineering, A – art (creativity) and M – mathematics.  Tasks of course – to use innovative methods of training in natural sciences. The robotic technology promotes formation and development in school students of such skills as engineering and design thinking, mathematical modelling.