Students put on the play “Sygan Serenadasy”

On March 9, students of the 11th grade presented a theatrical performance “Gypsy Serenade” to teachers, students and the administration of the school in the conference hall. It was dedicated to the work of the great Kazakh composer Shamshi Kaldayakov, which was an unexpected surprise and a wonderful gift to the International Women’s Day on March 8.

In this performance, all love and respect of the Kazakh lyric poet and original, unique composer Shamshi to music was displayed. Despite the fact that the students of the 11th class never took part in theatrical performances, their debut on the stage proved to be very successful, because thanks to the art of the newly-made actors, the history of Shamshi was presented so vividly and realistically that the sense of time and place was lost, immersion in the role was felt. Young actors were called several times for an encore with grateful and admiring spectators.

This work as a surprise was chosen by children not by chance. The matter is that March was announced the day before the month of the “National values”, and we considered that it is important to remind the audience once again of the work of great Shamsha whose works are an invaluable treasure in the art of the Kazakh people and tell about the history of their creation and the features of the performance, – told us the performer of Isolde’s role Aidan Ospan.

Everyone knows that the disclosure and development of the creative potential of each student, and often even those features of talent that the child has not previously suspected, is one of the main tasks of the teachers of the Intellectual School. Proof of this was this theatrical performance as well. After all, thanks to the indefatigable vigor of the class curator Bibigul Abatovna, to the skillful leadership and competence of the chief director and the tutor of actor classes Sarsen Sundet, to the tireless work of art teacher Zamira Akhmetova and artistic director Serzhan Marsuly, an unexpectedly original song from the performer of the role of the main character – Shamshi (Shamsa ) Bauyrzhan Aymaganbetov, which caused a flurry of applause from the audience.

– As our class was assigned such an honorable mission, as an illustration of the importance of great Shamshi creativity, we tried to take this assignment with great responsibility. I am very glad that our art was popular with the audience,-Bauyrzhan shared with us.


– The children were preparing for this production for several months in a row. We tried to take into account everything – and conformity of suits, the preparation of scenery and, of course, the sharpening of acting skills. Despite great business, art teacher Almagul Zhumayeva was preparing for us the costumes of the heroes, and Zhazira Akhimbekova painted a portrait of the great Shamshi, for which we express our great gratitude, – said director Bibigul Abatovna.


Press office of

Nazarbayev Intellectual School

Translated by: Gulnur Izbasova