Dormitory Life

The dormitory school at the Nazarbayev of Intellectual school of Aktau can accommodate 132 people. Since the beginning of the academic year 44 boys and 66 girls, who are natives to other cities or settlements have been accepted there.

The room in a boarding school can accommodate 4 persons. In each room there are provided desks, cupboards, sofas, bed linen, and a bathroom. All health normative regulations are maintained due to the international standards. Every week the bed linen is gathered and transferred to a laundry. In the boarding school there a medical office and a medical temporary isolation room (with an aim of prevention) is located. The nurse monitors children health in the boarding school. School psychologist staff permanently observe a mental condition of pupils, hold regular meetings, games, different trainings.

Employees of the dormitory pay huge attention to pupils’ reading time. Therefore, in the dormitory there is a special reading corner. Also in each hall there TV-sets are located. Pupils of the dormotory have been divided into 5 groups, such as: “Zanghar”, “Zerde”, “Uskyn”, “Samuruk”, “Ziyatker”. Each group has own tutor and the assistant tutor who track pupils conduct in the dorm. They are responsible for pupils preparation for the lessons, and their active involvement in the school events. For the kids’ sake in thefacility there operate surveillance cameras (CCTV).

The pupils conduct is also observed by the members of students government. They actively participate in the dormitory life and they constitute the dormitory council, because they are selected by the residents. The Council members assign monitors of rooms.

The tutors of the dormitory carry out different clubs by interest. In the “Culinary Academy club” children master culinary art, and in the “Sheber koldar” club girls sew soft toys and knit. There also function a photographers club “Pozitiv”, a chess club “Ak ladya” and a debate club “Zhasyn”.

On Sundays the dorm staff jointly with pupils-residents run various events, games, contests, different sport competitions.