On the “International Women’s Day” eve, March 6, 2017 school librarians together with participants of the book club “Bookland” visited “Mother house” with the “Bookstart” project. The social project “Mother’s House» has a goal to save the child in the family and reducing the number of orphans. There is a project called “Bookstart” in our library, whose goal is to develop a culture of reading among the young generation. Moreover, using the holiday we decided to visit this center to make the guests of the center, as well as their children, feel warm and caring in such a wonderful and spring holiday. In a word, we wanted to make a small holiday for them. We prepared holiday gifts and sweets and solemnly handed them to the guests of the crisis center. An important aspect of this project is the moral education of our students, seeing with their own eyes the young children who found themselves in a difficult life situation, we wanted the pupils of our school to understand that the family belongs to the most important social values. After all, for a child, a family is an environment which the conditions of his physical, mental, emotional and intellectual development take shape in.