Teachers from Aktau shared their experience in Zhanaozen

Within the translation of experience of Nazarbayev Intellectual schools the seminar entitled “Effective Methods of the Organization of Criteria-based Assessment and Differentiated Learning in the context of updated curriculum” was organized for mainstream school teachers in Zhanaozen. About 300 teachers from 24 secondary schools of Zhanaozen participated in the seminar.

At a plenary session, the principal of intellectual school Yermek Payzov provided full information about translation of experience for the last 3 years. At the end of his speech, Yermek Payzov presented the books to the libraries of new schools № 22, №23 and Zhanozen school-gymnasium as a part of the project “Book crossing”. Further, the director of the Center of Excellence in Aktau, Katira Boranbayeva, told about the organization of professional development courses for teachers and principals of secondary schools, answered the questions on the updated content of education.

In the second part of the seminar, teachers of Nazarbayev Intellectual school in Aktau, coaches of the Center of Excellence and teachers of pilot schools conducted the workshops on different topics.

Sessions were conducted in 6 directions: for school directors, for deputy directors of educational work, for deputy directors of scientific and methodical work, for school coordinators, for librarians and for subject teachers.

On the session of “Human resource management: leadership and team work” the consultant for professional orientation Saule Aldabergenova introduced school directors to the organization of professional orientation work at intellectual school, and shared necessary resources with them. Then, the principal of intellectual school Yermek Payzov told about importance of setting up the mission, values and the motto of school as well as introduction of the concept “global citizenship” in educational institution, and demonstrated the results of work that has been done before.

* The new thing I have learned from today’s seminar is the professional orientation work of intellectual schools. I found it very useful and I have decided to introduce such work at our school as well. We hope for effective cooperation with the professional orientation consultant, – was noted by Kulyash Zhugenbayeva, the director of secondary school №19 in Zhanaozen.

On the session “Teacher’s professional development— the basis of quality education” the deputy director for scientific and methodical work Bakhytgul Zhaksylykova and the teacher of Kazakh, the trainer of ISC Zhannur Mauytova told about the leadership role at school as a way of influence on professional development of teachers. The teacher of global perspectives and project work Gulden Suyundikova shared the knowledge on the methods of action research and lesson study, the hottest topic among teachers.

The question of education of the child at school was one of the relevant topics at the X international scientific and practical conference “School of Modern Times” which was held on October 25-26 in Astana. Educational experts from 24 countries brought up the questions of educational process at school, its systematization, and offered effective methods. It should be noted, that experience of educational works of intellectual schools is successfully translated into other schools.

Session on “Organization of educational work at school within implementation of the state program “Rukhani zhangyru” and the National idea “Mangilik yel” was proof of that. The deputy director for educational work Altynzer Ikhsanova and curators of intellectual school shared experience on parents involvement to school, and observation of the personal growth of the child.

The question of students’ attraction to reading in the school still has important place in the modern educational system. On the session “Active methods of formation of reading culture of students” the senior librarian of school Zhanar Bakhitova shared the methods such as “book jam” and creation of “3D books” by pupils based on the works of literature with the colleagues. Librarians of schools have noted about efficiency of methods of librarians of intellectual schools.

The session “Management of the process of implementing the criteria-based education”, led by the deputy director for profile and experimental work Yryskul Imambayeva, was organized for coordinators of local schools. The coach of the center of pedagogical excellence and the teacher of pilot schools have told about features of summative assessment in the context of the updated curriculum.

Translation of experience of intellectual school was organized for teachers, coordinators, librarians and the heads of 24 schools on the basis of school gymnasium of Zhanaozen.

One of the interesting sessions was “Peculiarities of teaching the updated curriculum”. More than 200 teachers of Zhanaozen participated in this session. They worked in 10 different subject groups and learned about effective methods of teaching, and asked the questions on the given topic.

Translated by Gulden Suyundikova