A Meeting with Kazakhstan’s Representative of UNICEF

Arthur Van Diesen, originally from the Netherlands, has been the representative of @unicefkazakhstan since June 01, 2019. Before joining UNICEF he worked for the Department of International Development in the UK Government (DFID), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and many other international organizations.

The executive board from @munnisa introduced him to the work of the school’s Model United Nations program including our hierarchy of leadership, international partnerships, events, selection process and training program for chairpersons, and how we choose our conference theme, committees, and agendas. While he explained the projects that are currently being supervised by UNICEF Kazakhstan that are aimed at protecting children’s rights, increasing the access to nutrition and providing an inclusive and quality education. He also talked about narrowing the gender gap in all STEM fields by providing more opportunities for girls and discussing the urgency of creating solutions to climate change to protect our communities, country, and global environment.

“I always remind myself that children cannot wait,” he said to conclude his speech.

MUNNISA looks forward to working closely with UNICEF in future events and activities.
MUNNISA will host its annual Model United Nations online international conference 23-25 March. Follow their Instagram page @munnisa to stay informed.