The student of Nazarbayev Intellectual school chemistry and biology directed of Aktau Madina Gabdolla received the first place on ІХ International a competition Olympic Games of scientific works among gymnasiums, lyceums and colleges V.Y. Kurbatov “Chemistry: science and art”, taken place in the city of St. Petersburg. She became a winner in the section “The First Steps in Chemistry”. In an internal tour in a competition about 70 works competed.

The student of 7th grade presented to jury of a competition the project with the subject “Tea Which We Have”. According to her, it together with the head Aybar Murzabekov, investigated structure of tea which, we daily use.

– We always hear different comments on grades and by types of tea. Someone says that they tea too bitter, tart or on the contrary praise a certain brand. But how many would not speak, many do not even think of the chemical composition. Therefore we decided to study structure of different types of tea, – the research supervisor Aybar Beybitovich told.

The research of a subject was begun in the first quarter of academic year. Up to this point several laboratory works were carried out.

– For a research we took 4 types of tea (Assam black tea, the Bayse green tea, a karkada “the Princess Java”, the Lipton green tea). We made an experiment on the content of caffeine and tannin. As a result the biggest caffeine and tannin appeared in black Assam tea, – Madina Gabdolla told about a project essence.

Also was the environment of solutions (acidity of tea) and visual колорометрический the analysis is defined.

– In the conclusion, we suggest to have more tea than coffee. Because, caffeine in tea does not collect in a human body that excludes poisoning with caffeine even at the most frequent consumption of tea, – the winner noted.

According to the research supervisor, the research demands continuation.

– In some the region of Tibet tea is had not with sugar, and with salt. Let’s study further why they use salt instead of sugar and what its biological influence, – the head of a research told.

The St. Petersburg state Institute of Technology and also the St. Petersburg office of the Russian chemical society of D.I. Mendelev hold international a competition Olympic Games of scientific works of V.Ya. Kurbatov “Chemistry: science and art” since 2010. This year the competition is held in a year of the 150 anniversary of opening of the Periodic system of elements of D.I. Mendeleyev.

Translated by Alibek Zhanayev